Spatial data, including technical drawings (CAD & PDF), need to comply with the Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP), which is developed by the Estate and Infrastructure Group (E& IG) before they can be submitted to the Department of Defence for further usage.
Despite what it may seem, the preparation of Spatial Data for the Australian Defence Force is not just a software engineering campaign. It requires a broad knowledge of different engineering disciplines, drafting competence and capabilities to organize drawings in compliance with SDMP, and a document control system to categorize and organize vast sets of documents in different formats. Finally, software capabilities are required to prepare and link every bit of information via metadata files created to the SDMP standard.

Our services:

ABA Structures offers preparation of your drawings in .dwg and .pdf formats to comply with the SDMP standard. Our services include the followings:
• Modification of drawings title block to comply with SDMP standard (if necessary)
• Re-naming files and drawing numbers (where necessary) to comply with SDMP standard
• Preparation of .xml metadata files using Department of Defence standard software
• Organizing files in submittable packages to the Department of Defence Australia
Note: If you have .pdf drawings with missing native CAD files, we may attempt to reproduce them in .dwg format.
Completed projects:
Due to the confidentiality agreements that we sign with our clients, we cannot disclose the names and locations of our projects. The following list shows the nature of the work we have completed for some of the Defence Force subcontractors:
• Trade waste upgrade mechanical and electrical renovation project
• Wharf walkways steelwork replacement project
• Abutments bearing replacement project
• Aircon refurbishment project
• Building services refurbishment project
• Indoor range bullet trap building renovation and additions project
• Roads reconstruction projects


To this date, we were involved in several unclassified projects with some Defence subcontractors. If your project is classified, you may need to apply for our security clearance to access the classified information.

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