ABA Structures offers professional analyses of heavy lifts and transportation operations and full documentation with accredited certification. Our services in this field include:

  • We perform stress analysis and certification of lifting lugs to Australian standards (AS4100, AS3990, AS4991)
  • We perform lifting analysis of massive and complex structures to ensure members’ compliance during the lifting operations.
  • We design and certify the transport frame of equipment and machinery for road transportation to NTC Load Restraint Guide 2018.
  • We design transport frames and sea fastening for sea transportation based on international standards like DNVGL, etc.
  • We design ad-hoc lifting spreader bars and beams for special requirements.

Sample calculations of a lifting lug are given as follows which can be part of the design documentation of lifting operation.

Please contact to have a discussion about your project:

Email: principal@abastructures.com.au

Phone: 0425 638 272 (Amir)