Structural design and certification

In ABA Structures, we design residential, commercial, and industrial structures in full compliance with Australian standards.

Most of the constructions in the urban areas require certification by a Chartered Professional Engineer. We provide certification for our structural design to aid you in your construction application.

Our  structural engineering and design services include, but not limited to:

  • New developments
  • Additions, expansions, and modifications
  • Patios, verandahs, gazebos
  • Foundation design (footings, ground slabs, piers, piles, etc.)
  • Retaining walls (limestone, masonry, concrete, panel & post, etc.)
  • Suspended concrete slabs
  • Timber structures (floors, roofs, decks)
  • Skillion roof, racking ceiling
  • Steel and concrete structures (residential, commercial, industrial)
  • Sheds, portal frame structures
  • Elevated platforms, deck structures
  • Concrete swimming pools structural design
  • Fiberglass swimming pools

Best timing, best pricing

In ABA Structures, we are committed to the best price and to complete your design in the shortest possible time.

Whether you plan to build a new house or an extension to your existing dwelling or add a patio to your backyard, we are here to help.

We provide design drawings and documentation to the satisfaction of Australian standards. All our drawings will be certified by a chartered professional engineer to ascertain such compliance to the authority.

Our drawings contain adequate details and information to give the builders, manufacturers, and fabricators the ability to quickly and accurately complete the project.

Lifting Engineering and Transportation Frames Design

Lifting and transportation of heavy equipment, materials, and structures require special considerations. Some of the major industrial players (e.g., bhp Billiton) have special requirements for lifting and transportation structures and related operations. The design of lifting and transportation structures and specifying WLL in compliance with national and industry standards is one of the unique services ABA Structures specializes in.

Our services include:

  • Performing code compliance calculations
  • Performing structural analysis and FEA
  • Preparing engineering calculation reports
  • Preparing 3D and 2D drawings for lifting frames
  • Specifying WLL to lifting frames, transport frames, skids, etc.
  • Certifying drawings and designs of lifting & transportation frames

Design of special structures

Different industries, including mining and oil & gas, usually require unique structures designed to transport and install equipment and machinery.

In ABA Structures, we work in close contact with the process and mechanical engineers to understand the structure’s anticipated function and offer the best solution.

Our services include:

  • Performing special analyses with professional software
  • Performing code compliance calculations
  • Preparing engineering reports
  • Preparing detailed design drawings (2D, 3D)

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